Wednesday, November 11, 2015

#395 How Many...No One Asks

We need someone to COUNT us.

To keep ranting or not.  That is the question even though it seems as if people are beginning to listen to my tirades about poor funding and the invisibility in the public eye this disease has had to endure. Have the big wigs in the various cancer organizations heard our voices or the government lawmakers listened to our cries?

 No cure=not yet. 

 So without further ado and not on a Mets Monday, I will share the latest Forbes article on the lack of precise information on the growing metastatic numbers.  The bean counters of the world keep track of everything from the number of candy sold in a day to how we are feeling about the Kardashians

metastatic breast cancer? What about us--the number of human beings living, breathing and thriving every single day while facing a prognosis that carries a death sentence?  Nope, no system to accurately track who, what, where, when and the how questions.  Get up and help us scream "a little bit louder now" until heads are turned with open ears and hearts.

Go to How Many People are Living With Metastatic Breast Cancer and pass it on.

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