Monday, November 30, 2015

#414 We Can!

Mets Monday and an intriguing read on why we need more money for research.  Only seven out of one hundred researchers are given grants to study this disease.  In Dr. Buxton's words, "that's Draconian."

 "Indeed it is", says the 155,000+ of us living with this disease.  Resources need to be found NOW not later if we are ever to turn the page on those who need a cure to be found before it is too late for them.

To read more about Dr. Buxton, visit  Breakthrough metastatic research

Here's the best part and how you can help.  Tuesday is Giving Day and the talented researchers are this (fingers pinched together) close to finding out how to prolong our lives so we can see our children grow up or hold our grandchildren for many years. We want to be around to celebrate life's glorious events as they unfurl.  Be part of the solution to help us live our dreams.

To donate go to Make a difference

Thanks for reading # 414 of 7777.

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