Wednesday, November 4, 2015

#388 A Little Happy Dance

Write or email your letters!

A very happy and quick update on my latest bone scan and body check.  The Onc Doc is pleased which makes me ecstatic when he has good news for me.  The bone scan that I had been dreading and losing sleep over due to my rising tumor markers seems to have been all for naught.  No change in the old hip and no new areas of concern.

Hallelujah is all I have to say.  Three months of a reprieve before the next blast-- this is the life of a metster-- scan, hold your breath, results, breathe.  Doesn't always happen this way but for now I will grab this little piece of golden news and Shine! Shine! Shine!

Now on to our next project since swimming is on hold until the ice clears off the lakes.  Go to my website and find the "How to Help" section.  There is a letter template on exactly what you can copy and send to your senator about funding for MBC.  If you know anyone in the other states listed, share and also encourage them to write. We have discovered the senators listen to their constituents but not those from outside their state.  Someone must know someone from Tennessee or Louisiana or Alaska?

With your help we are going to bombard their offices with letters of support for the metastatic community until they hear our voices...and we will be heard.  Go to Write your letters! right now.

Thanks for writing and for reading #388 of 7777.

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