Thursday, November 12, 2015

#396 Jump On This Bandwagon

This is not Rob grimacing at writing the big check but a happy monkey because of your donations

The results are in and they are out of this world.  Drum roll, please...October's matching donation extravaganza came to $5000 for a total of... $10,000.  Yes, we certainly made Rob pay and he is pleased to do just that with the possibility of a longer wedded bliss with yours truly.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and rallied behind our scheme to fatten the coffers of METAvivor and American Cancer Society--both organizations will be giving 100% of their donations to research.  Money was pouring in especially at the eleventh hour.  We had no expectations on how much would be generated but we were thrilled to watch the numbers rise every day.

A special thank you to La Lingerie for donating 5% of their October sales.  ALL of you have made a difference and the metastatic community thanks you for your generosity.

A break from fundraising won't be happening any time soon in this household as the focus shifts to the bigger picture--the NIH (we are talking about millions of dollars) and the upcoming and critical 21st Century Cures Act It has passed the House and now is sent for review to the Senators on the HELP (Health, Education, Labor, Pensions) committee. They will be hearing from us--and YOU can jump on this band wagon too--about supporting the metsters with increased research funding.  Get your keyboarding skills ready because we now have a link to contact your legislators.  Go to and click on "How I Can Help" icon at the top of the page.

Thanks for reading #396 of 7777.

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