Saturday, November 21, 2015

# 405 Get a Wrap!

I have mentioned TawGear,, the company who makes American-made biker gear and apparel in a past blog but wanted to give a shout out to them one more time.  They generously donated hats and apparel for the die-in last October and when I went to North Carolina for a swim, they sent more of their head wraps for a donation.

When I donned one of their creations during my speech and called it my "activist/lifer" hat I felt a powerful statement was made for others to join in the fight.  Since then I have taken it to other podiums to help spread the word about MBC and people are starting to recognize this as symbol of action.

Please support their business as they have embraced the metastatic community.  They are a generous group of people with huge hearts and pretty cool head gear.

Thanks for reading # 405 of 7777.

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