Sunday, November 22, 2015

#406 You Are Going To Do What? Where?

They could be watching me swim!

Being that I am a swimmer and have been hollering about metastatic breast cancer for over a year, it is now time to see if I'm as tough as a polar bear (or a penguin --I know, polar bears don't live there--but tough as a penguin doesn't sound quite as ominous).

Here's the deal.  I will don my bathing suit (sans the bulky wetsuit that won't fit into my suitcase) and jump into the frigid waters of Antarctica (yes, that continent waaaaay down under)  if donations reach $1000 by December 4th--this is the ultimate polar challenge.  Trust me,  jumping into ice packed waters sounds like the dumbest thing I have ever done but for a thousand bucks I'll jump in with a smile on my face.  More research funding for MBC.  It's a no brainer (I know it sounds like I have no brains for doing this but I digress).

Now, let everyone know about your crazy friend who is going to swim in Antarctica and ask them to donate to make this happen. Pictures will be taken to capture this momentous plunge and you can gloat about the icicle who swam alongside a penguin.

$1000 bucks by December 4th--you can do this--now go!

Click here to get me that $1000

Thanks for reading (and sending me into the deep dark depths of the ice cold waters of Antarctica) # 406 of 7777.

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