Tuesday, November 24, 2015

#408 Laughing and Cooking and Food, OH MY!

This year's event with a Badger theme and tutus.

Last year's winners
 Mary Weber's cooking extravaganza again proved to be an extraordinary event similar to  last year's festivities of Breast Friends Forever (even though our group did not take first place)  as we shared the raucous laughter and camaraderie of preparing delicious appetizers and dessert for a cause.  The cause this year benefitted METAvivor via fundraising through  an array of fabulous silent auction items. The bidding was fast and furious with winners all around especially those of us living with MBC.  Last tally count--and hostess Mary said the money was still rolling in--makes this a whopping success for the metastatic crowd.

  If the assemblage of wild costumes and clever songwriting alone could find the drugs to keep us alive, we will be thriving and surviving for a very long time.

Thanks to all who attended and kept up the uproariously wild times rolling.  Jock Rock, a little booty shaking and chop chop chopping in the kitchen awards a five star rating to this triumphant bash.

If you'd like to jump on the donation wagon, go to www.onewomanmanylakes.org

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