Tuesday, December 1, 2015

#415 And That's The Truth

Baby, it's cold out here!

After reading Michael Perry's humorous Sunday newspaper article about stretching the truth or at least retelling the story in his eyes, I have a slight confession to make.  I have been giving speeches on how this whole One Woman Many Lakes story began and I'm here to fess up---sort of.

In my speeches I explain that after swimming in the chilly 58 degree water in Lake Patagonia (all true by the way) I stepped onto shore and was greeted by a man who asked, "what the heck was I doing in the middle of the lake".  I then say I explained my campaign to him of bringing money and awareness to metastatic breast cancer and he wrote me a check.

Well, well,well, it happened like that in the sense that a man did ask me what I was doing.  I'm not sure he said "what the heck" but it was pretty close and he didn't write me a check on the spot.  Actually he said he supports causes and I gave him the METAvivor website with an expectation that he would write a check.  I'll never know if he followed through but what he gave me was hope to continue on and that is almost better than the check he did or didn't write.

Hope--the four letter word that researchers will find a cure to save lives to give us more time.  That is what he gave me on the March day when the waters were cold, the fan base was almost nonexistent and the idea that this swimming gig just might make a difference.

Between METAvivor and ACS we have raised over $145,000 because this unknown man believed in what he saw and gave me the determination to carry on with my mission.

So my little stretching of the truth isn't completely off base.  It makes a more concise story--he wrote me a check--rather than;  I gave him the website, blah blah blah blah.   The confession has been made but the bottom line, unshakable truth is we need more funding for research and that, unfortunately, is not a story teller's extension of reality.

Go to Donate today and you will make me very happy...and that's the truth.

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