Friday, October 2, 2015

#338 October 13th--a Date to Remember--Forgot to publish this one!

A big whoops and I have no idea how I missed it. This post--#338 was to be posted way back when and it was missed.  How did that happen?  It's your lucky day--you get a twofer today.

I am on a mission to get 110 people out on the Capitol steps in Madison on October 13th.  The first ever "die in" for metastatic breast cancer will be held to send the word to our legislators in Wisconsin and in Washington that we need more funding from NIH.  Please shout out to your friends to join us on the State Street side at noon.  Below is an itinerary of the event.

We will be meeting on the steps beginning at 11:30 to get instructions.  If you can’t get there until closer to noon, no problem.  We just need you.  The agenda will go as follows:
1.  Congregate at the Capitol steps by State Street.  Bring a towel or blanket if the ground is wet.
2  Line up 10 people in a row facing the capitol
3.  A welcome address will be given and then the signal to begin the die-in.
4. The first person will lie down when the bell chimes, then the person standing next to them and so on until all 110 are lying down.  You may want to link arms with the person next to you. Silence is important.
5.  After the last person lies down, a eulogy will be read followed by 110 seconds of silence.
6. A signal will be given to get up, embrace and the die-in will be done.

Hopefully the press will be out—we are working on it—and bystanders will be educated. 

Email, phone or holler at me if you are coming.

Thank you for your support.  It is critical that we show the public what has NOT been happening and what SHOULD happen in the metastatic community.  MORE MONEY and MORE AWARENESS.

Thanks for reading # 338 of 7777.

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