Sunday, October 4, 2015

#357 Save the Sand Castle

My dear husband is the guest blogger today. It was written after learning about a friend's relapse with this disease.  This says it all.  Love, love love this man of mine.

"People ask me what it is like to have a loved one deal with a terminal disease like metastatic breast cancer. One image is building a sand castle. You build this beautiful castle with towers and a moat around it. Then you build this giant outer wall to keep the waves from washing it away. But you know the tide is coming in and no matter how often you rebuild the wall from the water washing it away there is nothing you can do to keep the waves from eventually wrecking the castle."

Please stop the tide from coming in, go to Stop The Tide and donate.  Remember, your dollars will be matched for the month of October.

Thanks for reading # 357 of 7777.

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