Sunday, October 18, 2015

#371 I'm Talking To YOU


Rob and I will soon be heading south on quite the adventure for a couple of weeks. When I say south, I mean the most southern continent in the world--yep, you guessed it--Antarctica.  I believe I can say that we probably will not have access to Wifi to write a blog without gloves on or even post one so here's a big request for you.

Go to your computers and start typing.  Since having cancer (no, I'm not pulling the cancer card...okay, maybe a little one) celebrating every day is important so I'd like YOU to write about the best day you've ever had or would like to have.  Make it short and sweet (or not),  prose or poetry--wherever that keyboard takes you and I will publish it during our chilly escapade.  Do it NOW because departure time is near. Send it to me via or private message me on Facebook.

Thanks and enjoy this preview of what we will be seeing--lucky for you videos don't smell (we have heard their poo is rather rank)--while we are waaaaay down under.

Click one here: Cool penguins

Thanks for reading #371 of 7777.

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