Monday, October 5, 2015

#358 365 Days of the Year

While I appreciate the hardy souls who lobbied for October 13th to be Metastatic Breast Cancer day, why in the world would they choose the number 13? I may be a tad superstitious but this number does not instill the feel of being terribly lucky.  Actually it has the opposite effect--was this why no one else wanted it?  HISTORY_OF_METASTATIC_BREAST_CANCER_AWARENESS_DAY.

We live with this *&^*%^ disease 365 days of the year.  I want everyone to think about MBC every single day--like we do--until there is a cure.  One single day of the year when the media may highlight us, people will give their sympathetic looks, nod their heads about the lack of funding; and then October 14th rolls around.  Phew, done with that business now move on past those poor metsters on "their" day--let's find the survivors--they are a whole lot more fun.

Is that how it works?  I hope not.  If you follow Facebook, there is a rumble starting to brew and we will not sit by and let this day pass without finding a place in your back pocket (or your heart) for the next year.  Our time is short. We can not wait until October 13, 2016 for another day of recognition.  Right now. Right now hear us roar...and do something about it.

Go to DONATE NOW! and then pass this on.  My dear friends and family have been beyond generous; and now we need to let others join in on our cause.  I am matching the donations contributed for the month of October.  The house is still in tact so keep the money rolling in.

Thanks for reading #358 of 7777.

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