Tuesday, October 27, 2015

#380 The Martian Movie

Mars landing--I think I see Matt Damon!

I'm on the fence as far as recommending the movie, The Martian. It's not a bad movie and actually has some fascinating scientific aeronautical feats depicted throughout some of the scenes. At times the story moved along, however, in parts the editors must have fallen asleep--cut cut cut!  But who made me a movie critic?

Here are a few observations:

1.  Why do most of the men look like regular guys--big guts, not terribly handsome, old--like every day people. While the women...

2.  The women--drop down gorgeous, young, sassy (I like that part) but not one looked like she would walk into the Firefly to hang out with me.  They were all stunning looking actresses and not necessarily reflecting the serious astronauts they portrayed. Disclaimer--astronauts can be good looking, too.  There must be some ratio that has a percentage going to looks or not.  I will stop writing before the foot gets completely lodged in my mouth.

3.  I know this is fiction and in the future since we haven't had anyone land on Mars yet, but bungee cords and tarps to reconfigure a major flight into space didn't seem quite realistic.  I was waiting for a Subaru to drive across the terrain and rescue poor Mark.

4.  The ending.  I won't go there, but holy cow is all I will say.

Would I recommend it?  Yes, no, maybe.  Does that help?  I took the time to write about it so go see for yourself if I missed something.

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