Saturday, October 17, 2015

#370 A Pig and a Cat--Go Figure

Yep, a pig and a cat

Belly laughing has always been my relief for stress and last Sunday I was with one of my favorite gigglers, my eldest son.  We were at that magnificent Packer game (by the way, it ended in a victory for all of us devoted fans) when Aaron and I shared one of those --tears rolling down the cheeks and if I laugh any more tears will be running down my legs--moments.  Unfortunately what happened can't be described here--one of those "you had to be there" kind of silliness.  A maximum stress reliever at its best as it felt so good to be hunched over together in blissful agony reaching beyond the limits of hysteria.  Love love love laughing that hard and guffawing with someone I cherish.

With that said, today's video will not necessarily be a burst out laughing experience but one that made me chuckle and had to be shared.

Click here for a giggle and a half--A Pig and a Cat


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