Thursday, October 15, 2015

#368 I Know That Face

Do you recognize that mug? It is yours truly on the billboard in Times Square in NY on October 13th!  I love what my sister-in-law wrote: "Only the super stars make it to the Times Square billboard.  You go girl."

Not sure if I qualify as a super star but if this gets the message out you can call me anything you want. Wish I could have been there to witness this but the die in was a top priority for me on Tuesday.  
There also is an article written about me but can't figure how to get it on this page--where are those tech savvy kids when you need them?  Stay tuned--a small miracle could happen and it will suddenly appear.

A quick added note with a video.  This was from the die in from Channel 15.  A huge thank you to Kate Pabich for getting the word out. NBC video

Remember, October is Rob's month to match all donations.  One more reason he wants me hanging around for many more years (Awww, sweet).  Go to I'll make it up to him if he has to pay.

Thanks for reading #368 of 7777..

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