Wednesday, October 14, 2015

#367 Enough! More for Stage IV

A portion of the 110 people who "died".

I'm not sure why I doubted 110 people wouldn't show up at the die in.  Support for Maggie, Heather and the 175,000 of us living with this disease has been a constant and we were not disappointed yesterday when over 120 people lined up to join our voices saying, "Enough"!

Heather, Maggie and me

It was a moving event with heartfelt speeches given by these two fabulous women; and then witnessing the "deaths" of our supporters as they laid down for us was beyond what I imagined for the day.

Pictures have been flooding Facebook so will share a few here to try and show the magnitude of what we witnessed for the day.  We were included in last night's newscast on all three channels--and were not bumped by another story that usually upstages us.  Now it is our time to be heard and we will not stop until the public and the lawmakers also say, "Enough".

Click here to see Bagpiper from the die in

Don't ignore Stage IV!

It is still October and Rob is willing to match your donations so go to Make Rob pay   and find out how you can help.

Thanks for reading # 367 of 7777.

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