Sunday, October 25, 2015

#378 Time to Hang Up the Suit

The beautiful Neuse River

This should be my last swim for 2015 but who knows.  If that phone rings and someone living in a nice warm climate asks, I might have to dust off the wetsuit and head south.  Throw her in the water and watch her scream and raise money for metastatic breast cancer--that's my purpose now and I won't know the rest...until there is a cure and no more cancer.

The local television station covered the event along with a picture in the morning paper.  Again I will give a huge shout out to New Bern, Beth Fairchild and the South's generous hospitality.  That town really "gets it"when it comes to cancer awareness and how to treat a guest--even one from the North.

Click here to see Channel 12 news--Breast Cancer Patient Swims the Neuse.

Remember, October is closing in and Rob is still matching donations so go to He's really paying now!

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