Wednesday, October 7, 2015

#360 One Week to Go

Maggie hopes to see you at the die-in--and me too!

Less than one week until the powerful-- look at us, hear us roar--die-in.  Will you be there?  People have asked if we have enough people.  Not sure since not everyone has responded but I keep blasting it away in the airways and won't stop until the day is over.

If you can't come, send friends--male or female--we need bodies to make this count.  110.  That's the magic number of people who will "die" on the State Capitol steps in Madison on October 13th at noon.  It will be quite the statement we will be making to the public, lawmakers and cancer organizations to make them accountable for providing more money to metastatic research.  Two percent is all that is given for the drugs and treatments for those of us living with the disease.  It is not enough.

Please consider standing(and "dying") with us on Tuesday.  Your vote of support will send a message to everyone--the metastatic community included--that we will be heard.

Also, don't forget October we are matching donations--go to Make Rob Pay.  The house is still in our name but I won't be shopping for anything new for a while (it's a-okay with me).

Thanks for reading # 360 of 7777.

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