Thursday, October 8, 2015

#361 The Speech From a Lifer

Whew!  A big WHEW!  I had my speech today in front of lawmakers, aides, donors, friends, oncologists and anyone else wandering around who poked their heads in the door.  I have been sweating bullets about this speech for months and was not sure if I could do it.

Well, pleased to say that after a shaky first minute when my heart was in my throat and my little bitty breakfast was rolling around, I calmed down and nailed--if I do say so myself.  Putting a face and a story on the life of a stage iv person had meaning and if I educate this roomful of people today, I have been successful.

A huge thank you to my pack of friends sitting front and center cheering me on.  Love them to pieces.

I've included the conclusion of my speech so you can also be my messenger and educate others.

My official first One woman many lakes swim was in Lake Patagonia in AZ.  In March we arrived with our homemade sign on a sunny day with the water temperature registering a chilly 58 degrees.  With my husband and our dog following me in a rowboat I dove in and quickly swam the frigid 2 miles.  When I came to shore a man who had been watching me questioned me on what the heck was I doing in the middle of this cold lake.  After I showed him my sign and explained my campaign, he said, I’ll write a check…and that’s when it all began.  

Since then I have swum a total of 21 lakes, talked to scores of people about metastatic breast cancer and have raised money — but not enough.  I can not do this alone . This breakfast , and thank goodness I don’t have to wear my wet suit today, provides me with another outlet for educating the public and lawmakers about this disease. This is now my purpose—making sure we are not forgotten. Please, help me make a difference to others with metastatic breast cancer and make research priority.  Research is our best hope.

Thanks for reading #361 of 7777.

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  1. I am so proud to know you Mary! Your strength and your courage shine in your words! Through your purpose you are making a difference! You go girl!!