Thursday, October 1, 2015

#354 Mythbusters

I can't remember who posted this on Facebook but thought I'd share it on October 1st--the first day of OCTOBER AND THE PINK TSUNAMI!

From a metster Facebook friend: "So I'm giving a talk on the 8th of October. I just rehearsed it and it is a tiny bit short on time. I'm calling it Mythbusters and have 8 myths that I have addressed. They are:
1. Early detection = cure
2. Breast cancer is more survivable than ever.
3. Early detection is always possible with regular mammograms.
4. Late stage diagnosis= neglect by the patient to spot indications of disease or to be screened in a timely manner.
5. Breast cancer is an older women's disease. young women do not get breast cancer,
6. Annual mammograms protect women from dying of breast cancer.
7. Buying pink products and race registrations help the cause of ending breast cancer.
8. T
hat there is such a thing as breast cancer prevention."

Remember-- these are all myths surrounding breast cancer.  Help our cause by educating others and donate to an organization that will send 100% of its donations directly to research. Click here to go to METAvivor saves lives.

Thanks for reading # 354 of 7777.

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