Friday, October 2, 2015

#355 Do You Love a Challenge?


I have a new challenge for you and we (the metster community) are going to love it.

 The month of pink is upon us and is all about breast cancer awareness--you see it EVERYWHERE, can't escape it and it comes yearly (like Halloween only scarier for metsters).  You know the facts and figures of early diagnosis because we have been bombarded for years--yet there still is no cure to what kills us.

 Metastatic breast cancer--the only breast cancer that leaves us with no options, none, there is no cure---yet.  All those grim details on the awful next step after an initial breast cancer diagnosis do not add up to a pink smiley face and a happy ending for the 155,000+ of us living every day with this illness.  Not your fault that you haven't heard--it's been a dark hidden secret-- that's why I EDUCATE and RANT and now CHALLENGE  you!

Back to the challenge I mentioned--it is a simple one.  You donate $10.00 (or more) and I will match it.   Ten bucks--that's a latte and a sweet treat at Starbucks--and you would be donating to a cause that will save lives. Plus, I'm matching it so let's do a little calculation--10+10 = $20--easy math and an easy way to get us one step closer to a cure.  This challenge will take place right now--for this whole month--for finding a cure.

Spread the word and pass this on.  Make me sweat on how much money will come pouring in.  I'll sell the house if I have to--it is that critical.

Go to Make a difference today and donate ( and to find out more about MBC). Make a comment on this One Woman Many Lakes Facebook post on how much you donated and I will write out my check.  It takes a click of your finger on the donate button and you and I will be best buds forever because you cared.

Thanks a gazillion and more for donating and reading #355 of 7777.

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