Tuesday, October 20, 2015

#373 A Little Bit of Fall Craziness

Yep, he's that crazy!

We are closing in on the end of October and Rob, the dear man that he is, continues to match any donation going to METAvivor or American Cancer Society.  All you need to do is go to the website, www.onewomanmanylakes.org and click on the giant donate button.  That will take you to two sites to choose--Metavivor or ACS.  It is that simple and the rewards are endless.

If you have already made your donation, here is another thought I had a two in the morning when the sleep fairies were obviously preoccupied with Rob.   Go on your email list and send this letter (or write your own) to ten, twenty, a hundred friends who don't know me.  Get them to donate and let's watch the dollars flow in.  Poor Rob will be sweating buckets when he hears about this!

Sample letter:
Dear _______________,
Hey there, just checking in with a request for money, but not for me. My dear sweet lovable friend (okay, maybe you don't need that much sap) has metastatic breast cancer and her husband, an upbeat and crazy kind of character, has actually agreed to match any donations for the month of October.  Do you believe it?  He must be getting some kind of return--if you know what I mean (wink, wink).

Anyway, I have already donated but am asking my good friends out there to do the same. Let's make this guy pay...and pay big.  It's easy.  Go to www.onewomanmanylakes.org and donate to either group--METAvivor or ACS--both have designated all monies to go directly to metastatic research.  Pretty cool and it could save my friend's life or at least keep her around a little longer to hang out with her husband and with me.

I know Mary and she will thank you from the very bottom of her heart because it means that much to her and to all of our friends.  Just a slight disclaimer--she can be a pain in the a$$ at times but she's worth every penny that's donated.

Your good buddy,

Thanks for reading # 373 of 7777.

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