Monday, October 12, 2015

#365 ONE YEAR!

Click here and read this article about doing something for 365 days.

I did it!  365 days of writing and ranting and coming up with something--anything-- every single day.   Should I continue?  Surprisingly enough it has become somewhat of a habit, although there are days when this habit feels like a nasty one that could or should be broken.  Many days finding exactly what to say that hasn't already been said or ranting again without causing everyone to fall asleep became a huge problem.

However, revealing what it is like to be living with cancer has taught me more things than not.  The kindness of others responding to something I've written or the chuckles I've had from relaying one of Rob's quirky antics has been a side benefit I had not anticipated.

Will I continue daily?  I'm not sure...probably...undecided--depends on the day I ask myself that question.  I know I stated that I will do this for 7777+ days--a pretty lofty goal now that I think about it.  Since I write the rules this second year of writing may take on a different look.  A couple of ideas I had were Favorite Fridays--a look back on some of my fav blogs or more guest bloggers (hint hint).  Of course my Mets Mondays will continue along with sharing the witty episodes of living with that charming husband of mine. 

Educating the public about this disease was by far the most important aspect of writing and I could easily accomplish this by searching the all knowing internet to find a wealth of information.

But when I dig down a little deeper and truly think about why I do this every day,  I want to believe it is a way for me to be remembered by my children, my friends and my extended family.  I have often thundered about not wanting to be forgotten and maybe this is one more way to make sure that does not happen.

Now raise your glass high and make a toast to one whole year under my belt and (gulp) twenty more to go.

Of course I must conclude with a request for donations--One Whole Year

Thanks and I really mean thanks for reading # 365!!!! of 7777.

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