Saturday, October 24, 2015

#377 The New Bern Swim!

The festivities the night before the swim.
Beth and I in our activist/lifer hat

What a day.  The sun was shining the temperature was a warm 77 degrees and the water was in the mid sixties. As I plunged into the water to do my 22nd swim and probably the last of this year I thought of how far this crazy venture has taken us--from Washington to North Carolina--coast to coast.  It has been quite the year.

Today as I rounded the bend, the crowd cheered me on as I managed to do my "reach and pull to impress the people" stroke.   While the mayor gave me a proclamation on swimming the Neuse River and praising me for raising awareness for metastatic breast cancer, I thought this is why we made coming here a priority.  Again, all I can say is, what a day.

 New Bern is now my new favorite city with the kindest people around and a setting that is out of this world. I hate to brag too much about it and create a massive influx of people here but it truly is a unique place and one I've never experienced anywhere else.  I feel that I have just made a dozen best friends who have my back.  They all are passionate about finding a cure and embraced both of us as if we were family.

Thank you New Bern for your hospitality and support.  You may be nominated for the best city award of all my swimming holes.

Thanks for reading # 377 of 7777.

The proud mayor of his city

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