Tuesday, December 1, 2015

# 419 Stayed Tuned for Nose Icicles

That Could Be Us!

And we are off!  Our bags are packed, the best daughter around will be posting my blogs and the dog is squared away at the kennel.  Oops, I mean is he waiting for the robbers to enter the house and will take a chunk out of your leg if you try to take anything.  Seriously, we have neighbors who suffer from insomnia and are watching the house at all times of the night and day.

 The exciting news is that we hit our $1000 goal of sending me into the chilly waters of Antarctica. Rumor has it another few more donations will get my buddy, Rob, plunging into the waters with me.  Stay tuned for pictures of the frozen version of One Woman Many Lakes.  It will be quite the spectacle and if Rob does indeed jump with me, we will post a video with his high squeaky voice and icicles coming down his nose!

For further donations to make sure we are plunging go to www.onewomanmanylakes.org

Thanks for reading #419 of 7777.

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