Sunday, December 20, 2015

#434 Whispering Hope

It's not a bear but an adorable penguin.
 We arrived in Madison after a thirty hour marathon airport jaunt and made it in time for Heather McManamy's Celebration of Life.  Right now fatigue and raw emotions are keeping me from composing a heartfelt tribute to her.  Eventually it will be written.

 In a nutshell, she blew me away in so many ways from calling me a badass the first time we met to cheering me on as I swam.  I do believe she is perched on my shoulder saying, "Let's go Badass, keep raising funds and kick cancer's butt out of our lives."  Let's stop this dying now...

and you can help.

Go to my website and donate for a year end tax deduction or holiday gift to honor Heather and the rest of the 109 who died on December 15th and those who will continue to die every day until we all stand together and say, "No more" .

If you listen carefully you will hear her whispering a thank you in your ear.

Thanks for reading # 434 of 7777.

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