Tuesday, December 29, 2015

#443 Keep It Coming



You did it.  Fundraising that began in October, 2014 until December, 2015 raised that grand total for METAvivor and American Cancer Society.  UNBELIEVABLE!  

Not only did the swims generate the cash flow but everyone seemed to come out of the woodwork and offer to do something for my cause.  Beginning with the Coaches vs Cancer campaign in October to multiple fundraising events ranging from reiki sessions to numerous restaurants participating to Silpada parties and swim-a-thons at two local pools.  Oh, and then there were garage sales, jam sales and holiday giving parties.  It didn't stop and it was all because YOU believed as strongly as I do that we--the 155,000 of us--should not be forgotten.

From all of us living with this disease who want one more day, one more year to be with our families...we say thank you.  You may have saved our lives.

Donate today and let's keep the ball rolling--One Woman Many Lakes

Thanks for reading # 443 of 7777.

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