Thursday, December 31, 2015

#445 Prepare for Take Off In 2016!


2015 is slowly drawing to a close and the end of the year has been phenomenal for our family.  Baby news, wedding news, job news--all good stuff as we approach the next year.

 Speaking of which, even years have not been kind to me since 2012 and although we have nothing but joyful things to celebrate in 2016, a little whispering in my ear reminds me that: 1. I will still have cancer. 2.  It may behave itself and not disturb the other healthy cells 3. or it may not  4. Too many lives were lost in December and that reminds me that this disease only takes away 5.  My screaming and ranting about this disease must now ramp up to high speed.

With those whisperings in my ear, I also hear the good things and that's what I will continue to focus on because cancer will not dictate how I will live and thrive.  Right now Heather is murmuring in my ear--"Every day matters"-- and that will be my mantra as 2016 unveils its future self.  

As always, get a tax donation in 2015 and help our future by donating to One Woman Many Lakes helps METAvivor and ACS.

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  1. Morning Mary. I'm thinking of you today, and hoping for good things for you in 2016. Xoxo- Dinah