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#433 Powerful Women

Sue, The Queen of the Staministas

Sue, the wonder woman who definitely has earned her own title of Staminista, wrote this entry that does indeed embarrass me but will post it anyway. She is a doer, a pusher, a challenger, and on and on and on.  So, from one Staminista to another, let's go toast our titles and conquer the world!

Knowing a Staminista

Since my friend, Mary, is far away in Antarctica, I will share a title that I have bestowed on her.  If her checks are turning red, it is from the crisp Antarctic breezes (or a true polar plunge) rather than being caused by embarrassment from reading this guest blog.

I first encountered the word "Staminista" in an article in O,The Oprah Magazine. It was titled "Secrets of the Staminista's: Women Who Do it All."  As soon as I read the title I thought that it perfectly described my friend Mary.  In the article three "powerhouses" tell Dorothy Foltz-Gray what keeps them going.  

Two of the subjects became the first women (Liv Arneson & Ann Bancroft) to cross Antarctica on foot - the equivalent of skiing from New York to Denver in minus 30-degree weather - each dragging a 250-pound sled of supplies.  Hopefully, Mary will not take up that same challenge during her trip!  Her numerous swims across lakes to raise money for Metavivor is enough for her to be a "Staminista" in my eyes.  A quote from Ann Bancroft in the article perfectly describes Mary:  "You have to have a personality that's willing to adapt to the situations that present themselves, because sometimes you have good days and sometimes you don't. You have to honor that and still make the push."

The third "Staminista" in the article is Sarah Susanka, a best selling author.  In 1998 her first book, The Not So Big House, became a best seller.  It's about making optimal use of your living space.  She has since written more books with a similar theme.  After her initial success, she fended off a minimum of 15 requests a day for interviews and speaking engagements.  Sarah realized the importance of staying balanced and calm as well as setting priorities.  She achieved this through daily meditation and not accepting commitments that interfere with it.

So back to my favorite "Staminista" who takes on the physical challenge of lake crossing and writes a daily blog, as well as doing interviews and speaking engagements!!!  All of these accomplishments would make her a "Super Staminista" if Oprah needs another article for her magazine.

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