Tuesday, December 22, 2015

#436 Extraordinary!

We are back from the bottom of this big sphere we call earth.  When you look at a globe or a map of Antarctica it is literally at the lowest part of the "diagrammatic representations of an area" vastly stretching across the underside of a big globe.

Travel consisted of hopping on and off four airplanes and then catching a bus to carry us back home thirty hours later from waaaay down under---and that's not counting the two day Drake Passage crossing to get to the beginning of this long odyssey.  No complaints.  The wondrous beauty we were able to observe was worth the agonizing travel ordeal.

I could google some extraordinary words that might describe this latest venture but it is beyond narration --it is simply that amazing.  If you believe in bucket lists, this one should rank near the top.

Without further ado I'll post a few pictures... you know the saying about pictures being worth a thousand words--this nails it on the head.

Penguins on an iceberg--their own little floating bar

Icebergs are literally the coolest things around

Rob called this his "tenor trio" .  They were a noisy bunch.

Adorable and everywhere we looked
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