Wednesday, December 23, 2015

#437 #Metstivus

Why a bedbug you may ask?  Why not--it's METSTIVUS! Cancer sucks.

This was posted on Facebook. It isn't too late to chime in and tweet or post any grievances you have.  If you are fortunate to not have MBC but know someone who does, post a grievance/miracle for them.  Don't forget the hashtag #metstivus.  Let's get the world talking about METASTATIC BREAST CANCER!!!

My Metstivus grievance is losing a beautiful friend to this disease.  The miracle was she gave incredible insight on how to live life and make every day matter.  Thanks Heather.

You've heard of Festivus, right? The Seinfeld-created holiday on December 23, during which we air our grievances and engage in feats of strength and celebrate around a metal pole? Well, we're stealing it for metastatic breast cancer and renaming it Metstivus. How can you participate in this special holiday? Tweet or post on Facebook about any grievances you have, like the time a Komen advisor told you that they won't invest in more research unless metastatic patients fundraise for them. Or that your toenails fell off from your drugs. Or, share a nice photo of your metal IV pole. Or, share a Metstivus miracle, like making it out of bed. Use the hashtag #metstivus in your posts so we can all follow along with the festivities. And get your friends to participate by sharing/retweeting!

Thanks for reading # 437 of 7777.

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