Saturday, December 26, 2015

#440 Ahhhh! Life Is Good.

The happy couple

Life---wonderful, silly, difficult, sad, happy, glorious, unpredictable and on and on.

  Our life in 2016 --right now at this moment-- is shaping up to be pretty spectacular.  Our daughter received a stunning diamond from her boyfriend yesterday with a plan to be wed in August or September of this year.  This event follows Aaron and Gillian's announcement of our very first grandchild arriving in May.  Shouts of joy have been pouring out of our house along with some pretty crazy happy dancing.

This roller coaster of life is definitely on the upswing and we are grabbing and enjoying every minute of it--as every day should be.  Now I will try and wipe this smile off my face because I'm looking like a very happy drunk.

Back off cancer because there's a lot of loving and living going on in this household.

Thanks for reading # 440 of 7777.

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